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Photo of Wendy Vallaster and Javier Arauz - Owners of New Spain Wines
"We really keep our ears and eyes open for interesting leads on terroir driven wines.  There are always murmurs when someone begins making serious wine amongst the nooks and crannys of the Spanish mountainsides.  Many of the wines we work with are high altitude, old vine wines, and usually dry farmed too, with very low yields.  When we hear about a new project, we go and check it out, meet the folks involved, talk about their philosophy, kick the dirt around a bit, and taste, taste, taste.  Then, if it all fits with what we are trying to bring to the rest of the wine world, and they like what we are doing, we add them to our NSW portfolio.  It's all about the wine, the people, and the terroir.

Aside from hooking up the right importer with the right producers, we educate!  Both Javier and I are wine educators, and we thoroughly enjoy turning others on to new wine experiences.  We have no shortages of those!  Javier is a WSET teacher amongst other programs and I, as a certified Sommelier through the ISG program, concentrate on guided tastings… to convey to people why the wine is like it is.  Most importantly we show the wines we work with around the world in this way, introducing them and tasting with both the trade and the public whenever we see an opportunity to taste with interested people."

Wendy Vallaster ISG
Managing Director,