Phincas DSG 2007 (red)
Bodega: DSG Vineyards
Winemaker: David Sampedro Gil
Region: DO Navarra
A New Spain Wines Selection
Map of DO Navarra

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These grapes are coming from a variety of David’s vineyards in Rioja Alavesa… Revilla, Edge, Rammer, Valdegamarra and Ribartayo. These vineyards run from 350meters above seal level in the south of Elvillar, up to about 600 meters. The soils range from calcareous, sandy, iron rich, and alluvial, with rolling stones.
Bordelais style, destemming directly over the fermentation tank so there is no need for any sort of pump, which is hard on the grapes. The grapes are vinified in groups according to the soil types that they come from… the grapes from the calcareous soils together, etc. which help the maceration and extraction of the phenolic components of the grapes. When the must finishes fermentation, and it loses it’s carbonic gas, which is a byproduct of the fermenting yeast, the cap sinks into the must improving the maceration. The must is then pressed and 50% of it put into large 400liter barrels and the rest goes into 2nd and 3rd year 228liter French oak.
14-16 months in French oak