Vallis Tolitum 2009 (red)
Bodega: La Colección de Vinos
Winemaker: Lorenzo Baz
Region: DOCa Rioja, DO Ribera del Duero, y DO Rueda
A New Spain Wines Selection
Map of DOCa Rioja, DO Ribera del Duero, y DO Rueda

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Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon
100% tempranillo vines more than 15 years.

Tasting Notes, etc.:
Color: upper middle layer. Cherry Red cardinals and tones. Crystalline. Nose: Very powerful nose with aromas of fresh red fruits and ripe. Taste: Persistent upper middle class. Input soft and sweet. Fruity. Origin of name: Comes from the Latin-Celtic means the valley Vallis Tolitum water, probably due to the confluence of rivers and streams of this area and marked all the Douro. It seems that Valladolid takes its name as meaning to this idea.