7 navas Finca Faustina 2008 (red)
Bodega: Garnacha Alto Alberche
Winemaker: Daniel V. Ramos
Region: Garnachas de Gredos
A New Spain Wines Selection
Map of Garnachas de Gredos

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100% Garnacha
very old vines with granitic sand and very little organic content, just outside the village of San Juan de la Nava, perched at 1100 meters altitude. Very low yields, with late ripening due to the high elevation, and the west facing aspect of the vineyard. Pruning: En Vaso (Gobelet) Age of vines: 85 years
Harvest: by hand in small boxes on October 25, 1st manual selection in the vineyard, 2nd on the sorting table. Fermentation duration: 32 days of total, temp. controlled fermentation and maceration Finishing procedure: Fined with egg whites, non-filtered. This wine will throw sediment. Fermentation Temperature: 28ยบ C Malolactic Fermentation: In barrel
15.5% by Volume
Aging: 225 liter French oak for 13 months with a minimum of one year in bottle before release
1400 bottles, 20 Magnums

Tasting Notes, etc.:
The scorching Spanish sun and the very high altitude of this vineyard contribute in a huge way to the nature and personality of this very well structured, and totally complex, old vine Garnacha. The sun, in that it contributes to very mature phenolic ripeness and development of the components in the grape skins that contribute to the intense colour and diverse aromatic profile, and the high altitude which dictates huge differences in day to night temperatures, leading to very thick skins, a smaller skin to flesh ratio, and very importantly allows the grapes to maintain their fantastic acidity. These key components are what make Finca Faustina so unique and incredibly complex. Jan 1,2012 - The wine has a deep, ruby core with a thin, cherry rim. On the nose, with a little movement in the glass you will find it to be incredibly expressive showing developing aromas of black raspberries, jara(a spanish sticky bush that smells like honey), rosemary, thyme, lavender, with huge minerality and a touch of black liquorice... on the palate the wine is bone dry, fantastic structure, but with very smooth tannin, great acidity, and the alc. is totally un-noticable. A totally balanced wine with fruit that moves all across your palate, raspberries, black cherries, minerally and all of the mountain herbs showing through as well as the black liquorice. A big wine, but with great finesse. The finish is smooth, silky, and very long. This is a wine that needs to have the opportunity to open up. Once it does, you can just sit with your nose in the glass and be totally satisfied just absorbing the endless variation of aromas! Decant both for sediment, and to give it the opportunity to open up a bit before enjoying it.