F-Shatz Petit Verdot 2006 (red)
Bodega: Bodega Federico Schatz
Winemaker: Friedrich Schatz
Region: DO Sierras de Malaga
A New Spain Wines Selection
Map of DO Sierras de Malaga

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100% Petit Verdot
14% by Volume
12 months aging "sur lie" with "batonnage" * in French oak barrels "Troncais, Vosges and Allier" * Frequent Agitaci6n fine with bast6n LFA Solicitation for a period of 2 to 6 months.

Tasting Notes, etc.:
Color: Purple with violet Nose: Balsamic aromas INTENSE (eucapliptos, pennyroyal, incense, iodine, sage) and China ink Mouth: Strong laurel and licorice flavor Fresco Final intense balsamic very powerful, large and prolonged

F-Shatz Petit Verdot 2006 (red) - Bottle Photo