Gaznata Concrete 2009 (red)
Bodega: Don Juan del Ɓguila
Winemaker: Daniel V. Ramos
Region: Garnachas de Gredos
A New Spain Wines Selection
Map of Garnachas de Gredos

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100% Garnacha
Gaznata is a village concept of Garnacha and is produced from tiny vineyards surrounding the ancient village of El Barraco. They are mostly old vines, with an altitude of between 900 and 1100 meters, in granitic sandy soil.
Spontaneous pro-longed fermentation in large concrete tanks, with malolactic taking place in the spring when the large stone bodega begins to warm with the spring sun. Fined and lightly filtered. Some natural cold stabilization and precipitation takes place in the cold concrete tanks over the winter months.
This Garnacha is aged for 18 months in concrete to promote further development and expression of the wine without any oak influence, leaving the true essence of the grape.

Tasting Notes, etc.:
Gaznata Concrete is a deep coloured wine with an expressive nose of blackberries, plums, cherries and spices with developing aromas of mocha and leather. The palate is full, with plenty of fruit still, but with more complex layers of spices and liquorice. It is amazing how complex a developed Garnacha can become without the influence of Oak, and truly wonderful to taste the true essence of the grape.

Gaznata Concrete 2009 (red) - Bottle Photo