Heretat Navas 2008 (red)
Bodega: Terrasses del Montsant
Winemaker: Milà
Region: DO Monstant
A New Spain Wines Selection
Map of DO Monstant

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Garnacha, Cariñena, Cab Sauv and Syrah
Els Figueral, Maimo, and Els Clots, located in the village of La Serra d Almos, surrounded by mountains in southern D.O. Montsant
A 3 day cold pre-fermentation masceration followed by a controlled fermentation - max. of 26º. Bled from the partially fermented grape must carried out after about 15-20 days according to taste. A good maceration allows us to extract a good dose of tannin structure as well as polyphenols.
The wine is aged for 10 months in French oak barrels with different toasts, followed by a small rest before bottling.
This wine is unfiltered to maintain the complexity and character, so please decant for sediment. Heretat Navas is brought into Belgium by Odilon Imports

Tasting Notes, etc.:
Heretat Navas is an intense wine with ripe red fruit on the nose, balsamic notes, toast & a little spice from the time in wood. On the palate it is complex with many layers of fruit, spice, leather & liquorice. It has great personality, complexity & a lush lengthy finish.